How Diatomaceous Earth Works

Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has numerous health benefits, but how does it work? As it turns out, Diatomaceous Earth is not “earth” at all but the fossilized remains of microscopic shells. These tube-shaped shells are composed of hard, amorphous silica and have a honeycomb-like pattern of holes that makes them sharp and bur-like.

Diatomaceous Earth For Humans & Pets

While safe for humans to handle and ingest, these tubular shells are deadly to parasites. This makes Diatomaceous Earth an excellent all-natural, non-toxic alternative for parasite control in humans and animals.

External parasites such as fleas have a waxy coating on their exoskeleton that keeps them from becoming dehydrated. DE gets caught up in the joints of the parasite’s exoskeleton, slicing every time the insect moves, desiccating the parasite to death as it leaks moisture. Internally, DE stabs and cuts into the bodies of parasites such as worms to kill them directly.

DE has been reported to kill fleas, ticks and mites topically and heart worms, hook worms, lung worms, pinworms, round worms, tape worms and whip worms internally.

Diatomaceous Earth Detox

Many people also use DE for detoxification and colon-cleansing purposes. The bur-like shape of the DE particles may help them cling to toxins and clean out build-up from the walls of our digestive systems. Not only does it promote healthy digestion, by helping to maintain a healthy colon, it can reduce the risk of colon diseases.

Diatomaceous Earth Silica Supplement

Our bodies use silica for the production of collagen, the substance that makes our skin elastic and makes up our connective tissues. It also helps hair and nails grow in strong and pliant. The silica ingested from DE can promote these healthy body processes. Many detoxification specialists also recommend DE for lowering cholesterol and boosting immune system health, particularly against viruses.

Do not be afraid of taking Diatomaceous Earth as a supplement. If you have ever checked an ingredient label on a bread or pasta you were eating and found “silica” in the ingredients, you have consumed DE before. It is used extensively in grain storage to prevent insect infestation. Any silica we ingest that our body does not need is filtered out safely by the kidneys.

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth contains 1% crystalline silica. It is safe for humans and animals to ingest in accordance to FDA guidelines. Even rubbing it all over yourself will not hurt. Just like baby powder, your only concern is to not inhale any quantity of it.

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is 100% natural, EPA-certified and safe for you, your family and your pets. Just a little bit of Diatomaceous Earth every day can help you on your way to good health for a lifetime.

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