Diatomaceous Earth Powder Review

Organic Diatomaceous Earth

Naturally occurring Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) is found in deposits all over the world. It was formed millions of years ago from sedimentary deposits of minuscule fossilized, hard-shelled algae. The unique nature of diatoms grants their skeletons with ideal absorptive properties that have proven benefits for human health.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder Uses

Food-grade D.E. is used extensively in the agriculture industry as an anti-caking agent and safe pesticide in feeds. What is healthy for grains and animals in the national food supply is equally healthy for human beings. More and more people are taking two tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth daily to enhance digestion and promote both colonic and constitutional health.

Diatomaceous Earth Benefits For People

The human digestive tract often works well enough on its own, but many people, due to lifestyle or diet, require a supplement that safely improves nutrient absorption by keeping the intestines clean of debris and waste. Diatomaceous Earth is proving to be an excellent remedy for people who suffer from nutritional deficiencies and internal exposure to toxins.

Food-grade D.M. is composed of up to 90% silica. Its use as a natural and safe insecticide lies in its property of being able to absorb incredible amounts of moisture, lipids, and toxic metals. As an insecticide, D.M. passively removes the protective lipid layer on the exoskeletons of insects. This causes the pests to dehydrate and die. The human body is, of course, larger and more complex than an insect’s. The dosage of D.E. that is fatal to cockroaches and fleas is proven safe to humans.

The human intestines are a moist environment through which food passes in the process of digestion. In order for the intestines to work properly, their walls must be kept free of debris that blocks the transfer of nutrients from food into the body. The silica content of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth promotes optimal digestion through a two-fold action.

All Natural Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Research

Firstly, the structure of an individual diatom is that of a porous, ridged tube that gently scrapes against everything against which it comes in contact. The size of diatoms, between 3 micrometers and 1 millimeter, prevents the consumption of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth from causing damage to the human body.

Millions of diatoms, however, have the unique ability to remove loose debris from the folds of the colon and the small intestine. People who regularly take two tablespoons of D.E. with liquid find that their bowels movements are more effective in eliminating waste.

In addition to the physical action of Diatomaceous Earth, this fossil flour brings its absorptive properties to bear on the digestive process. Studies indicate that people who consume D.E. experienced lowered cholesterol levels due to D.E.’s unique ability to absorb lipids. As D.E. eliminates cholesterol from the intestinal contents, it cannot be absorbed by the bloodstream.

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